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Aronia - Mega Antioxidant!

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Anthocyanins contained in aronia:

  • Fight off free radicals which in excessive number harm DNA and may transform normal cells into cancer cells
  • Reduce high blood pressure which contributes to cardiovascular disease.
  • Prevent accumulation of cholesterol in arteries
  • Slow down skin aging process, strengthen blood vessel and protect the skin from UV radiation
  • Help to regulate sugar level and have anti-diabetic properties
  • Slow down the mental aging process, improve memory and learning
  • Help in eye regeneration as anthocyanins speed up rhodopsin production responsible for visual acuity. Recommended for people working in front of a computer.

*According to USDA Database 2010 aronia has one of the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity among berry fruits (aronia’s ORAC value = 16062 μ mol TE/100 g)


Organic Aronia Juice 100% NFC

Produced only from carefully selected ripe organic berries, not from concentrate. Pasteurized in low temperatures to maintain maximum flavor and nutrient content. Our Organic Aronia Juice is a great dose of antioxidants and vitamins. Drink 100 ml daily to keep your body and health in a perfect condition.

  • pack0,3 / 0,7 / 3 l
  • pack24 / 6 / 1 pcs
  • pack48 / 80 / 196 boxes

Organic Aronia Juice Concentrate

1 kg of aronia juice concentrate was produced from 6 kg of fresh organic aronia berries. Aronia Juice Concentrate is 65 brix, has lots of nutritional values and contains no added sugar, artificial additives or colorings. Simply mix 10 ml of concentrate with 200 ml of water, fruit juice or tea and enjoy its great taste. Try it also with muesli or yogurt.

  • pack0,1 / 0,5 l
  • pack49 / 12 pcs
  • pack24 / 64 boxes

Organic Aronia Jam

Organic Aronia Jam contains only natural ingredients, no preservatives and no sugar added! To enrich the taste of Aronia Jam we sweetened it with organic apple juice. 100 g of jam was made from 60 g organic aronia berries. Try spreading the Aronia Jam on your morning croissant. Also add it to your morning oatmeal or to homemade cakes or muffins.

  • pack225 g
  • pack24 pcs
  • pack56 boxes

Natural Aronia Honey

Perfect combination of natural Polish honey and organic Polish aronia berries. Great taste and double dose of health in one jar. Aronia Honey doesn’t have very strong honey smell or taste so it is also great for those who are not big fans of the traditional honey.
Boost you immune system and improve your health with Aronia Honey.

  • pack250 g
  • pack50 pcs
  • pack30 boxes

Organic Aronia Freeze Dried Powder

Organic Aronia Powder is freeze dried in a modern machinery park in which the process is conducted by evaporating water from fruits in low temperatures. Freeze drying preserves a maximum amount of nutritional values and taste. Organic Aronia Powder is a great antioxidant which fights off free radicals and helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases or skin aging.

  • pack30 / 100 g / 7,5 kg
  • pack192 / 75 / 2 pcs
  • pack36 / 30 / 30 boxes

Organic Aronia Fiber

Micronized Aronia Fiber is a natural dietary supplement which improves the digestion and peristalsis. The micronization process increases active surface of fiber, providing greater efficiency. Fiber easily absorbs the water what helps to fill the stomach and provides a feeling of satiety – reducing the feeling of hunger. Micronized Aronia Fiber perfectly supports weight loss.

  • pack150 g
  • pack50 pcs
  • pack36 boxes

Organic Dried Aronia Berries

Perfect combination of sweet and tart taste makes Organic Dried Aronia Berries an excellent snack. Also perfect for baking or mixing into salad, yogurt or cereal. Gently dried berries are rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.

  • pack100 g / 25 kg bags
  • pack75 pcs
  • pack36 boxes / 34 bags

Organic Dried Aronia Berries in Chocolate

We prepare each chocolate aronia berry with due diligence and care. The perfect combination of Aronia and dark chocolate is the powerful source of antioxidants which can improve health and lower risk of heart disease. Aronia and dry chocolate can promote good eyes health and protect them from further damage.

  • pack90 g / 10 kg boxes
  • pack75 pcs
  • pack36 / 50 boxes

Candied Aronia Berries

To enrich Aronia taste we coated it in delicate organic sugar. Sweet taste and antioxidant properties make it a perfect snack on the go or at home. Try also mixing aronia berries with nuts and other dried fruits and surprise your guests with a healthy, tasty snack.

  • pack90 g / 10 kg boxes
  • pack75 pcs
  • pack36 / 50 boxes

Aronia Hibiscus Tea

Aronia Tea is made only from fully ripe, rich in taste dried berries and carefully selected hibiscus flowers. Provide yourself anthocyanins and vitamin C which are essential to keep body in a great condition. Simply take two teaspoons of tea and pour it with cup of hot water. Enjoy the fresh taste of aronia and hibiscus anytime you want.

  • pack7,5 kg
  • pack2 pcs
  • pack16 boxes

Frozen Aronia Berries

The process of freezing is conducted right after harvesting and fruit sorting. We choose only best quality, ripe Aronia Berries. They are perfect to make your own organic juice or any other type of tasty organic Aronia products.

  • pack25 kg
  • pack34 bags
Aronia Product

Freeze Dried Powders

Check out our Organic Freeze Dried Powders and discover their health benefits.
They provide daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins which are essential
to keep your body in a healthy condition.

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