Candied Aronia Berries

Aronia products

  • pack160 g / 10 kg
  • pack75 pcs
  • pack36 boxes / 50 bags

Candied aronia is one of the healthies sweet snacks. If you like candies and you cannot imagine one day without them but on the other hand you want to eat healthy, you should reach for candied aronia fruits.
It is one of the most popular products in our stock – delicate, sweet and valuable fruits are in 100% natural. We wanted to rich flavour of our dried aronia, so we covered them with delicate sprinkle of sugar cane.

For whom candied aronia?

  • for children and adults,
  • for healthy snacks followers,
  • for people who fight against hypertension,
  • for those who are working in front of the computer.

How to use candied aronia?
Candied aronia you can eat directly from the package as a snack. Candied aronia can be also an ingredient for bakings or for mix of snacks. You can add to it natural yoghurt, Muesli, granole, nuts or fresh fruits.

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