Frozen Aronia Berries

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Frozen Aronia Berries

In our offer we have also frozen aronia berrie, which is perfect for a production of delicious juice, sweet and thick jams or as an addition for cakes, desserts, pancakes or light snacks with yoghurt or cereals. Freezing fruits from organic fields is a perfect way for storaging aronia, which is thanks to that, avaliable for a whole year, even during winter.

In every package you will find everything what is the best – full flavour and nutritional value. That way of storaging products allows for keeping all the vitamins and is safe for your health. Modern production technology and low temperatures allow us to provide for our clients valuable and healthy fruits with the best quality. Our frozen aronia berries have organic certificate.


We take care of every production stage of frozen aronia. Thanks to this we can be sure that our product is always with the best quality and are unique in comparison to the other products on the market. Freezing aronia berries are carefully selected and sorter. Only ripe, full of flavour fruits are going to our cold store and then to our clients.

Freezing aronia berries in our offer are avaliable only in wholesale quantities.

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