Organic Aronia Freeze Dried Powder

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  • pack30 / 100 g / 7,5 kg
  • pack192 / 75 / 2 pcs
  • pack192 / 75 / 2 boxes

In Bio Juice you can buy fruits in powder, which were freeze-dried, which means special drying method in really low temperatures. Freeze-drying process makes possible to preserve maximum of fruit flavour and its nutrition values. It is worth to know, that freeze-dried aronia still has 100% of vitamins, thanks to which it has the same values as fresh fruits. Polish ‘black treasue’ in every form works as antioxidant – efficiently fights free radicals, regulates sugar level, reduce blood pressure, takes care for skin condition and prevents diseases of the circulatory system.

For whom freeze-dried aronia?

  • for children and adults,
  • for people with hypertension and atherosclerosis,
  • for those who want to strenghten their immunity,
  • for people with congestions.

How to use freeze-dried aronia in powder?
1 teaspoon of freeze-dreid aronia powder can be dissolved in a glass of water, juice or any other favourite beverage. It will work as an addition to yoghurt, porridge and smoothie.

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