Organic hibiscus in powder


  • pack30 g/100 g/7,5 kg
  • pack192/25/2 pcs
  • pack36/30/30 boxes

Hibiscus is an exotic plant, cultivate mostly in Egypt, China and in India. Thanks to the richness of vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins and flavanoids, is appreciated in beauty branch and in natural medicine. It causes lower blood pressure, and strengther skin and hair. It is known as ‘women ally’.

For whom hibiscus in powder?

  • for children and adults,
  • for people with skin discoloration,
  • for people who are strengthening their immunity,
  • for people with dry hair,
  • for people with hypertension,
  • for those who have high level of cholesterol.

How to use hibiscus in powder?
It is enough to pour half of the teaspoon with warm or cold water. Hibiskus can be added also to tea, yoghurt, porridge.
It is also an excellent ingredient for face masks. It is enough to add 1 tablespoon hibiscus in powder, rice flour, mix all of it with boiled water.

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